Insanity plyometric cardio circuit

Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit

The Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit program is possibly the most difficult workout on the market today. It consists total body, plyometric cardio circuit training workouts that use only your body weight as resistance. The workouts involve a rigorous schedule of six days of exercise per week and each workout takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete. All that is required to perform each workout is a TV, DVD player, a comfortable pair shoes.

The first month involves alternating five workouts: The Fit Test; Plyometric Cardio Circuit; Cardio Power and Resistance; Cardio Recovery; and Pure Cardio.

insanity plyometric cardio circuit

Before beginning the second month, a recovery week is performed that consists of a daily core cardio and balance routine that is not as intense as the other workouts in the program. This week is designed to help you recover from the first month’s workouts and prepare your body for the more second month of Insanity.

The second month increases the intensity of the routines by introducing four new workouts: Max Interval Circuit; Max Interval Plyo; Max Cardio Conditioning; and Max Recovery. It is extremely hard to keep up with the pace of each of these workouts. Each is highly intense and longer than the workouts of the first month.

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The “Elite Nutrition” plan that comes with the Insanity program discusses the importance of getting sufficient calories each day to support the rigorous workout routine. It provides various equations that will help you estimate the calories you’ll need on a daily basis.

Insanity is an excellent method of exercise for people who desire to lose body weight/fat and increase cardiovascular fitness.

The workouts can easily be performed at home to the instruction of the creator, Shaun T., who does a great job motivating you to complete each workout.

You will get a great workout with each DVD if you can maintain such intense exercise. Although each workout is extremely tough, the pause button allows you some control of the pace of each workout.

If you are a fitness enthusiast you will enjoy the extreme intensity of each workout, as well as the challenge of completing the 60 days.

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