Plyometric Cardio Circuit

plyometric cardio circuit

Plyometric Cardio Circuit – What is it?

A plyometric cardio circuit combines exercises that train the fast muscle fibers and the nerves that activate them. These exercises typically include a variety of hopping, jumping and bounding movements. Plyometric training is used by athletes and gym goers everywhere to improve their explosive strength.  One of the best ways to enhance power is to increase the stretch reflex in your legs. This is what happens with repetitive jumping (one of the staples of plyometric cardio circuit training). Each time you land a jump, your quads stretch and then contract for your next leap. It is that stretch you get from the first jump that makes your second jump higher.

Many use plyometric exercises as a circuit to enhance their cardiovascular fitness level. This plyometric cardio circuit typically links together four exercises together back to back.  A stop watch is used to time from the start of the first rep until the completion of the fourth exercise. A normal circuit is usually done three times, each set decreasing the amount of time it takes finish all four exercises.

Two of the most popular and effective plyometric cardio circuit programs are Insanity and P90X.

A few reasons to try a plyometric cardio circuit:plyometric cardio workout

  •  A great way to change your workouts, adding a challenge and intensity
  • Enhances joint stability
  • Increases power in the body.
  • Increases strength
  • Will increase mobility and flexibility
  • Will help you burn more calories and result in greater fat loss.

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Insantiy vs. P90X – Which plyometric cardio circuit program is right for you?

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